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to our 2017 Circuit Champions
Leading Riders presented by Meijer
Adult Hunter 
Kendall Meijer
Amateur Owner Hunter
Hannah Satterlund
Children’s Hunter
Madison Weaver
Children’s Pony Hunter
Maya Rahaim
Children’s/Adult Jumper
Jessica Stone
Junior Equitation
Jordan Allen
Pony Hunter
Savonna Adell
Professional Rider
Melissa Donnelly
Polly Howard
2017 Spring Circuit Champions
Division Horse Owner  Rider
Children’s Pony Hunter Natalia  Olivia Golden LLC Maya Rahaim
Adult Amateur 18-35 Steppin Out Scott Alder Rachael Hake
Adult Amateur 36/O Rain On Blu SSF Carolyn Sanders Carolyn Sanders
Childrens Hunter 14/u King of Hearts Madison Weaver Madison Weaver
Childrens Hunter 15-17 Vision Quest Sabrina Hall Sabrina Hall
Green Hunter 3′ Holiday Copper Fox LLC Hillary Johnson
Green Hunter 3’3″ Vienna Altair Farms Hillary Johnson
Large Pony Hunter Oliver Twist Sophia Keoleian Sophia Keoleian
Medium Pony Hunter Laugh out Loud Savonna Adell Savonna Adell
Performance Htr 3’3″ Imagine That Susan Pelto Eliza Frankel
Small Pony Hunter Justamere’s La-Di-Da Olivia Golden LLC Maya Rahaim
Amateur Owner 3’3″ 18-35 Apollo Hannah Satterlund Hannah Satterlund
Performance Hunter 3’6″ Moonwalk Copper Fox LLC Hilliary Johnson
Amateur Owner 18-35 Higher Ground Emily Karp Emily Karp
Amateur Owner 36/o Full Count Shaunnah Anderson
Shaunnah Anderson
Green Conformation Htr Monaco Altair Farms Hillary Johnson
Green Hunter 3’6″ The Huntsman Fox Meadow Farm Meg Howard-Fuleky
Green Hunter 3’9″ Corlando 49 Elizabeth Becker Melissa Donnelly
Junior Htr Large 15/u Fendi Christopher Coberley Christopher Coberley
Junior Htr  Large 16-17 Casiro  Katelyn Spence Katelyn Spence
Junior Htr Small 15/u The Hunstman Fox Meadow Farm Christopher Coberley
High Performance Conf Avanti Isabella Cukrowski Greg Crolick
Adult Jumper Reverie Cody Tucker Cody Tucker
Baby Green Hunter Badabing Debbie Meachum Melissa Donnelly
Childrens Jumper Cyrus Jessica Stone Jessica Stone
Intermediate Ch/Ad Htr Bare Necessities Mia Christ Mia Christ
Junior Htr 3’3″ 15/u Rubens  Susan Guip Jada Fuleky
Junior Htr 3’3″ 16-17 Quantico Bay Noland-Armstrong Bay Noland-Armstrong
Low Adult Hunter  Carbon Copy Marike Dussault Marike Dussault
Low Children’s Hunter Falene Alaina Schwartz Alaina Schwartz
Low Child/Adult Jumper Escanaba Lacey Campbell Lacey Campbell
Modified Hunter Quester Lydia Carrigan Lydia Carrigan
Non TB Hunter Le Charmeur Suzanne Lewand Suzanne Lewand
Schooling Htr Horse Roc Odyssey Rebecca Oseid Rebecca Oseid
Schooling Htr Pony Spot On  Joziemae Syroka Joziemae Syroka
Short Stirrup Hunter Top Notch Shorty Katelyn Jasky Katelyn Jasky
TB Hunter Mondello Katherine Deyoung Jennifer Murray
Unrestricted Ch/Ad Htr King of Hearts Madison Weaver  Madison Weaver
USHJA 2’6″ Hunter Badabing Debbie Meachum Melissa Donnelly
USHJA 2’9″ Hunter  Falene Alaina Schwartz Meg Howard-Fuleky
USHJA 3′ Hunter Le Charmeur Suzanne Lewand Kelsey  Wickham
Young Hunter 5/u Sandler Madison Konrad Madison Konrad
Young Hunter 6/u Quinito Elizabeth Becker Melissa Donnelly
Young Hunter 7/u Captivate  Jessica Stone Jessica Stone



Schedule changes for the Spring Series

There have been some changes made to the 2017 Spring Series Schedule.  Updated schedules are posted on the website under Show Info and at horseshowing.com.

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Spring Series Prize List Available Now!

The Prize List, weekly schedules, and entry blank for the 2017 Spring Series is now available under Show Info on the HJAM website.  Online entries close May 1st.  Entries can be done online at www.horseshowing.com.

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HJAM offer Circuit Stall Discount for 2017

More exciting news!  HJAM is offering a discounted circuit stall for 2017.  Stall fees are $200/week or $500 for the circuit.  Also new for 2017 – HJAM will be offering FREE entry fees for all Young Hunter sections all three weeks.

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